Friday, August 8, 2008

I know I am a horrible blogger. Thought I should update you. The meds have brought down my levels but not into normal yet so they have increase my dosage. I am pretty close though...yea... I go back Sept. 12 for more blood work. Yea looks like blood work...continue meds...6-8 weeks later blood work...continue meds...6-8 weeks later blood work...continue get the idea of my next year to come. I am feeling better...more energy and less tired.

Taylor is great...she is lovin' life. Still having issues with using the potty all the time so she has a potty prize sheet that she uses...everytime she goes she gets a sticker...10 stickers =Chuck e Cheese trip. Oh please God, please let this work. I don't want a 3 year old in pullups...

Alex is great and loves his job and can't wait for football season. Yea I am thrilled...not.

My in-laws are buying a house about 10 miles from us, they close on Monday....I would have never thought they would move to cowtown.

Mom now you just need to move here. Tuns of crazy shopping. If I could only find some extra cash.

See ya later

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