Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taylor's Morning..

A, Kyleigh and Reese came over to play. I like Kyleigh she is so cute, I love her.

I had to love on her and "pet"her. We were making her laugh.
Look it's Reese. I want to hug her, but she is not to sure about that.
Oh, look at her!
Pop and Molly are outside.  "Look at Molly."
No, that is my balloon.I want to hold her.
Reese wants to color with me.
Peek-a-Boo time.
Lunch time.
Let me fix your hat, Reese.
Cece read me a story...or 3 or 4..
Time to say goodbye to A..I think I like her.

Here is my day Momma...I missed you! 


Hi B, 

  This was the wonderful day the girls, CeCe and I had Wednesday. We always dreamed about the day our girls would play together and here they were. They were just like us.  Of course, Taylor was the leader and Reese was right behind her all the way.  It was such a joy to watch them together.  We REALLY missed you and wish you could of been there.


P.S. I hope you like your makeover.

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Christy Brockman said...

How fun that your girls can get together and continue the the pictures!