Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Went to the Dr. again today. I have Graves Disease. Treatments are medication and or radiation. I am going with the medication first. I go back for tests in 6 weeks to see if the medication is working. Dr. said about 50% of the time the medicine works and you don't have to opt for radiation. I want to be that 50%.

Taylor did a nasty thing this weekend. (Unfortunately, we have not been so successful with the potty lately.) She took off her poop diaper and handed it to Daddy. YUCK!!! We ran her to the bathroom to avoid a nasty mess. I cannot believe she did not get it anywhere. We keep bribing her to use the potty like a big girl...Oh well one day she will.


The Brown Family said...

Oh, I hate to hear that, but it's very treatable. You will be in our prayers for sure.

I know exactly how you feel with Taylor because Sterling has done the same thing before. They are just plain nasty at this age anyway! :) I'm so ready to be done potty training!

April said...

YUCK!!!!!! She gets it from me :)

Kids are on the bus!

Christy Brockman said...

I bet Alex loved that!! :) I hope the medication goes well. Keep us posted. Love you!