Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. We have not been feeling well here at the Hale house. I have been having some medical issues going on...not sure what it is I have been having some tests run. Taylor went to the Dr. yesterday. After 6 months of no ear infections and no antibiotics we find out that one of her ears is totally blocked. They cannot even tell if the tube is still in that ear. So we are back on antibiotics. I hope that we don't have to have another tube put back in. I am still paying on the old one. I have to say that she was a changed girl when we had the original ones in November. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We leave for San Antonio in a little over two weeks. Yeah!!! We are excited. The Sea World commercial came on today and Taylor said "Daddy I want to go to Sea World and see that whale." We will soon.


April said...

I want to go. We are playing with the idea of going in July. Matt and Allison live in San Antonio and go to Sea World almost every weekend. Aunt Karen and the rest of the gang are visiting and going to Sea World. this weekend.

Glad you updated.


Dallas said...

Brooke, I hope you feel better soon and Taylor's ears are back to normal soon.

We are going to be in Fort Worth at the beginning of June. Hopefully we will get to see the Hales!

Christy Brockman said...

Poor baby girl! I hope Taylor gets to feeling better very soon! You too!

The Brown Family said...

Hey Brooke! I am so excited you have joined the wonderful, yet addicting world of blogging! :) Taylor is getting SO big and is so cute! Her hair is so long too...beautiful! When we are out riding bikes we usually pass by your old house and often wonder how you guys are doing. Now I can keep up! Hope you get to feeling better and it's nothing serious. I hope Taylor does too, nothing like nasty ear infections and kids. Keep us updated!