Thursday, April 17, 2008

We just had a bad storm come thru. I have posted some pictures of the hail. Look at the big pile of hail that fell. It looked like someone had dumped out a huge cooler full of ice. This pile of hail fell in a matter of seconds. Taylor said "rain go away."


April said...

It was haling at the Hale house :)

How is your car? Did you get much damage?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Hail!
The pictures of Taylor are so cute. She looks just like a little Brooke. Spittin' image of her mom.
Hope you guys are doing well. You need to come by and see us when you are in town.

Uncle Keith

Christy Brockman said...

Hey cuz! My dad gave me your blog address. Glad I can keep up with you guys now! Taylor is just too much - adorable! Hope things are going well in Texas!