Sunday, March 23, 2008

Taylor had a rough night last night. She cried out in her room as usual at 4:00am for a glass of milk. I went into her room to find her with a bad bloody nose. There was blood everywhere. Looked like she got into a good fight with the Easter bunny. Here she is looking at her easter baskets this morning. We did not want to ruin breakfast so the candy was hidden for later.


April said...

Once again.....POOR BABY!! I can't believe she had a bloody nose. I wonder why? She looks like she is coughing in the picture.

The EB didn't bring my kids any candy. They get so much when we do our little hunt with the family that I figured it was enough. We still have candy from Halloween. Reese loved hunting the was so fun to watch her.

Dallas said...

Sad about the bloody nose, but yea about the Easter Bunny!